Git: Simplistic Submodules

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My use of submodules in git repos tends towards the simple. This tip illustrates using other Git repositories as submodules in the use case where we intend to be a mere consumer of the other project within ours. It’s a common pattern utilized by web themes and vim/Neovim scripts.

tl;dr cheat sheet:

# within myrepo add another repo as a submodule
git submodule add path/to/other/repo
git commit -m 'submodule added'

# clone and prepare a repo containing submodule
git clone myrepo newrepo
cd newrepo
git submodule init
git submodule update

# update submodules down the road / when needed
cd somerepo
git submodule update --remote

Working through the detail

Example problem: How to include a SCSS module within a Hugo theme project:

# let's create a new theme project
mkdir -p ~/project
cd ~/project
git init basetheme
mkdir -p basetheme/scss

# and another project we'll use as a submodule in basetheme
git init otherproject
cd otherproject
cat >_font.scss <<EOF
// First commit
git add _font.scss
git commit -m 'First commit'

# In basetheme add otherproject as submodule 
cd ~/project/basetheme
git submodule add ~/project/otherproject scss/otherproject
# git add .gitmodules
git commit -m 'submodule added'

# see what we got
cat scss/otherproject/_font.scss # "// First commit"

That was easy enough and the mechanics are the same whether the repos involved are local or remote.

Let’s add a second commit to otherproject now so that we can demonstrate how to manage changing subprojects later in this demo:

cd ~/project/otherproject
cat >> _font.scss <<EOF
// Second commit
git commit -am 'Second commit'

Now let’s reuse basetheme:

cd ~/project
git clone basetheme newtheme
cd newtheme
ll scss/otherproject/
total 0 

At this point the directory newtheme/otherproject exists but includes none of the repo’s files. Fix that:

git submodule init
git submodule update
cat scss/otherproject/_font.scss
// First commit

Our newtheme project now has the otherproject submodule included but note its state: the file _font.scss is at the version where the original project included it. Switch into the newtheme otherproject submodule directory to explore:

cd scss/otherproject
git status

The status command reports: HEAD detached at f97b7c5. This is a heads up warning to you that there is no local working branch tracking changes to otherproject. For this simple use case - being a consumer only of otherproject - that’s perfectly ok. For other use cases consult the Git SCM book.

Back to our consumer-only use case now, let’s be sure we have the latest commit to subproject. Note we need to move back into our basetheme repo (which is tracking changes):

cd ~/project/newtheme
git submodule update --remote

update --remote assumes you want to update your submodule to the current master branch of otherproject and reports:

Submodule path 'scss/otherproject': checked out 'df32d339f4482793b59135f6536dee3ba14c8180'

Checking _font.scss we see it has been brought up to date:

$ cat scss/otherproject/_font.scss 
// First commit
// Second commit

At this point otherproject in newtheme is at HEAD while in basetheme it’s a version back. We can fix that, if we desire to, with a git submodule update --remote in the basetheme project.

See the Git SCM book chapter on submodules for much more.