Deception Pass 25k

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Enjoyed a fantastic sunny scenic December day running the Deception Pass 25K at Whidbey Island, about an hour south of Vancouver.

Put on by Rainshadow Running, everything about the event was thoroughly enjoyable, not least of which was the feast at the end - wood-fired oven pizza made right there by artisanal hipsters no less, buckets of beer, and more food than could be imagined.

I was not ready for this run… had been sick for weeks and coming back from an injury on top of that – my longest run had been easy forest 10Ks up to that point. Motoring down I5 I was thinking of only taking in 10K and heading to the finish early to cheer others in.

But the sun shone strong, the scenery was amazing, and that darn guy at the 18K mark where I was tempted to bail baited me to carry on. Thanks man. There may have been some cursing at the final hil – steepest by far – but of course I’m glad I finished and happier still there wasn’t much to pay in the way of post-race recovery.

Deception Pass 25K course map