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Election 2011: Day Eleven

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Many Canadians felt the government overstepped not just in spending but in restricting our fundamental liberties. It would not take much reminding to refresh the memories of Canadians of painful images captured then. Personally I think those stories are far more powerful than the discussion of wasteful fake lakes. Many Canadians felt we were a lesser country as a result of the police actions during those meetings.

The Auditor General reports to Parliament and since the house isn't sitting, the A.G. cannot release the report. However the Prime Minister's Office does have an advance copy of the report and nothing limit's Stephen Harper from releasing this report and indeed he would if it were in his political interest to do so. Does anyone want to bet a nickel that the report is unfavourable to the Harper government? Still, we can ask. Everyone should demand that the report be released by the PMO. Release the report. Release the report!

This report is germane to this election and matters. What kind of Canada do you want?

Why won't Harper release the report? Why won't he? Is he.... chicken?

  • Stephen Harper, Peter MacKay, Grumpy Laurie Hawn, and a host of others: F-35A aircraft will cost $75 million each, not the 100 million plus those coalition bastards claim they'll cost. Trust us.
  • Parliamentary Budget Officer of Canada: No, the Harper government is blowing smoke. The Joint Strike Fighter will cost far more than $75 million each; they will cost more than 100 million - close to $130 million each in fact.
  • Grumpy Laurie Hawn and his bosses: No, they won't.
  • U.S. Government Accounting Office: Yes, they will. As the watch dog over U.S. government spending we have much more information and the Harper government is blowing smoke.
  • Delusional Laurie Hawn and his bosses Peter MacKay and Stephen Harper: No, they won't, we know better than the U.S. government watch dog who are intimately involved with every last dollar spent on the Joint Strike Fighter program unlike us here in tiny little Canada to the north.
  • U.S. Vice Admiral actually in charge of the program: The F-35A will cost upwards of 120 million perhaps as much as 135 million each. By law I am not allowed to sell these aircraft or any military items to other countries at a price less than what the U.S. military pays. There is no way Canada could buy these aircraft for $75 million. End of story.
  • Harper government: Na na nah na! (plug ears) We aren't listening to you! (farting noises)

Yup, Stephen Harper runs a government and party that has a clear handle on facts, truth, and numbers. For sure they should be given a majority! Not!

(Except that Carson disclosed his past to Harper's then Chief of Staff, Ian Brodie - not to some faceless RCMP screener. Who believes that Brodie did not brief his boss on this? Anyone? Anyone? Right, didn't think so.)